Best Email Applications You Can Find Around

Apart from using chat applications on latest devices (phones, tablets, and laptops), sending and receiving emails has to be the most frequent activity any smart device users engage in. Truth be told, you might belong to the category of people who think 97% of their emails are spam and therefore only read emails occasionally, nevertheless, over 200 billion emails are sent daily which still makes emailing rank top in modern communication. Reasons are not far-fetched; most often being that emailing is still one of the most formal forms of e-communication, it assures users some level of privacy and security and lots more.

It is noteworthy to state that the most important factor to put into consideration before choosing the best email apps that suit you is security. Trust me, you don’t want internet hackers and malware that crawl the internet in search of emails and passwords to invade your privacy; often times, these hackers use personal information to defraud unsuspecting users or even hold an email user to ransom by threatening to release incriminating, defamatory or other sensitive materials to the general public as we have witnessed in times past.

Below, I have been able to put together a group of email applications which are the best email apps you can find judging from user friendliness, security, user downloads, online polls and special abilities.

  1. Gmail

This email app speaks for itself. If you are a proud owner of an Android phone, then you must have at one point or the other come across this application. For the best experience on Android devices, users are made to create or use an existing Gmail account which means that almost every android phone user has one. It has one of the best and ever improving interfaces for easy use, its notification features are near perfect and almost never fail. Also, it gives its users a large 15GB free storage and offers support for importing files directly from Google. Drive Surprisingly, Gmail app now offers a login to users of other email clients such as Yahoo mail, Outlook and more. It confidently can boast of being one of the best email apps with over 2 million plus downloads and counting.

  1. Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is one service that has stood the test of time and has shown a steady rate in improvement. It dates far back as 1997 when it first began as Hotmail. It has a crispy and non-distracting interface that shows you notifications at the very top of the screen to ensure you do not miss any new emails. It is a good productivity app with a built-in calendar for reminders, seamless swipe experience, powerful cloud storage support and multi email client support with free usage which confidently puts it on the map of the best email apps for use.

  1. K-9 Mail

Though not as popular as Gmail or Outlook, K-9 can also boast of its high privacy level and sophistication due to its open source license which enables users to contribute to its continuous improvements. This ensures that user’s needs are met. It supports a wide range of features such as self-bcc, saving emails to SD card, multiple folder synchronization, signatures, flagging, special encryption and decryption of files and messages to prevent snooping. Its design is not so appealing but it definitely ranks among the best email apps.

  1. Boxer

Boxer is also one of the best email apps you can find around as it supports major email clients and other typical email features. Interestingly, this email app gives you an edge by ensuring that end-to-end communication is achieved by having “like messages” ability which will notify the sender that it has been delivered. It also has integration abilities from cloud storage, Evernote integration and easy access to files importation from Dropbox.

  1. TypeApp

Last but not the least is TypeApp which has one of the most beautiful designs with additional features like a To-do list and alarm clock to keep you abreast of activities. It can also snooze messages to remind you to check an already seen message. It supports all major email clients such as Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook and other IMAP accounts. It is also free.